Controlling Knobs that don't have VC control

I’m using the Slime-Child modules which are great. However, they don’t have vc control over their knobs. Is there a module that will let me control the knobs with an lfo?

Stoermelder µMAP - can do that but you will need to download it from github. It will map almost anything you want and you can cv with uMap

uMap -

Download page -

and the stoermelder CV-Map is even more convenient when you want to controll some knobs,
in combination with infix or µinfix it is really great

Thanks but it doesn’t look like those are ported to VCVRack 2 yet. Any other ways to do this?

I was able to map to an external keyboard with MIDI Map. So now I should be able to build a chain of modules to go from cv → MIDI and use MIDI Map to do the trick. Unless there’s a CV mapper directly? I’ll take a look. Thanks.

they are mostly ported to V2 (and work), but not in the library yet, you can download them from the github link above

You can get them from here until it’s ready for the library: