Control quantizer with midi keyboard

Is there a more efficient way than what I’m doing?

Basically, I take each gate from my 12 notes on the keyboard, run them into CountModula Slope Detector so that I can trigger on/off on each the rise (keypress, trigger on) and fall (key release, trigger off). These triggers get OR’d by the audible instruments logic and then umap’d to the corresponding key on the quantizer. Then repeat x12.


Yes, there’s an easier way :slight_smile: The quantizer from ML has inputs just for this so it’s just plug and play. I go through the process here - Let me know if it works for you.


Besides Omri‘s suggestion you can use MIDI-CAT which allows mapping of MIDI notes directly. It also has a toggle mode if you want to toggle the buttons.


I wonder if I’m missing something – how do you get into toggle mode on MIDI-CAT?

After you mapped some note you can switch the slot to Toggle-mode.


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See also which turns each midi note into a different gate, more or less.