Control-drag cable has changed?

In the past, I could ctrl-drag a cable’s input jack and duplicate the connection.

For some unknown reason, now, the only way I can do that is to right-click and hold the left mouse button after choosing “duplicate” from the menu.

Ubuntu Studio. Admittedly, here, I have remapped the X11 modifiers so that the physical Alt key behaves like Ctrl. I suppose this could be related (although the remapping is occurring in the X11 layer, and I have exactly 0 pieces of software that conflict with this – also, Rack had no problem with this previously, so from here, it looks like a regression).

  • Physical Alt → Logical Ctrl → No duplicate
  • Physical “Super” → Logical Alt → Drags the canvas
  • Physical Ctrl → Logical Super → Drags the canvas

This is a feature I had grown accustomed to… any chance of this being looked into?


you should send this question to:

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Control + drag still works for me on Arch with Rack 2.1.2 but why Rack would bypass your modifiers is curious.

Yeah, especially since this was not the case in the past.

Also, if it is really just bypassing the X11 remapping, then I would expect the physical Ctrl key to do the job, but it doesn’t.

Off to email support then… thanks all!