context param and/or click+drag param mapping?

Greetings -

So far I’ve come up empty handed in my quest to map either:

  1. a module’s context menu function/parameter (NOT a parameter’s context menu, as one can do with CV-MAP.) eg, Prism/Prince of Perception’s ‘clear buffer’ function - image

  2. a click+drag param, like Simpliciter’s ‘grid’ parameter - image

I’d very much like to map an external button and knob respectively, but it seems that neither is possible. Maybe one of the VCV veterans has a hack for one or the other?


Params are easy for another module to automate because Params have a known defined interface and properties. Menus are simply lists of arbitrary widgets, which may or may not have a predictable interface or operation. Some of the built-in menu items are straightforward to automate (e.g. a check menu item), but others not so much.

Fundamentally, you’re asking for a module that hacks other modules for you.

It’s a good practice for plugin developers to use Params to back menu items so that automation is possible, and I’d like to see the Rack plugin guide recommend that.

You can usually raise an issue with a plugin developer to expose their options as params. Many may not have thought about that as a possibility.

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I figured it might be a big ask, but now I know. Thanks for the reply.


I haven’t been able to figure out how that helps. Some Squinky Labs modules have menu items backed by parameters, and I have never been able to control those “hidden” parameters with uMap, cvMap, or Transit. Maybe a module could be written to expose a remote modules list of hidden parameters, but I don’t think it exists yet.

I think one benefit of backing a menu item with a parameter is I think the storage and recall with the patch info is handled automatically.

The params aren’t really hidden. They show up in any toJson, so also any cut/paste. I think they all show up in undo. I don’t really see why one couldn’t make a mapper map them, but I’m probably missing something.

I did put “hidden” in quotes, and I agree, it ought to be possible to write code to map to them. It is just that none of the existing Stoermelder modules can map to them because they rely on being able to click on the control that maps to the parameter.

yep, for sure. :wink:

Just spitballing here…

How about something like a “Rad Module X Expansion (RMX Exp)” module that one could slide up next to RMX, which would expose RMX’s context parameters w/ relevant/appropriate controls (CV in + attenuverter, or toggle, or knob…)? Similar to CV-MAP, but rather than ‘learned parameters’, the parameters & relevant/appropriate controls would be specific to RMX, and laid out in an aesthetically pleasing (‘in other words fly’) way.