Contacting Hora Music

I contacted Hora Music 16 days ago at their provided email address — hora(dot)music(dot)contact(at)gmail(dot)com — regarding the Erica Synths modules. I haven’t had a response, and I don’t want to sign up for Facebook. Can anyone tell me whether Hora is still active in the community, and if there is some other way to contact them? Thanks

message send on FB…

Are you recommending that I send a message on Facebook, or telling me that you’ve sent a message on Facebook?


yes, i’ve sent him a message and he just update geco 0.9 1 hour ago , so i suppose he was busy? ( and sorry for my english)

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Thanks that was really good of you. This is a weird time, I think I’ll leave it for now and maybe at some point he’ll send a response

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I was busy and saw your mail. Concerning the first report: I will give a look on that small default (have to set the knob to zero on the first new sample’s selection from a loaded preset).

Concerning the second report: The double clic preset probably won’t be implemented since erica want the module to be as faithfull as possible to the original (that’s why clock multplying has been supressed from the octa LFO). So, maybe it will be implemented but not sure, (note that VCV offers saving which allows to avoid lose a setting).

Concerning the custom sample feature: It won’t be implemented because this wasn’t wished from erica. This said you just have to replace the samples in ericaSynth/res/drum_samples to load your owns. This make it work like the pico on which the samples can be replaced by others but the memroy can’t be extended.


Thank you so much for an in-depth response, great to find out about this. I hope I didn’t come across as too pushy.