Connecting external hardware

I have a basic setup with Ableton, a soundcard, a mixer, and a VCV Rack. I would like to send a signal from my external synthesizer or mics to the VCV rack and process the sound with let’s say Reverb, 100% wet so I don’t want to hear the original sound, just the processed one. I don’t understand how to connect the setup to achieve this effect.

workflow >> synth > mixer > soundcard > mixer > speakers

I work with Mackie 1202 mixer and Roland Duo Capture 2in and 2 out soundcard.

Hi there, it’s not a big problem to do this. Just feed the physical synth into soundcard inputs and use the VCV Audio module, any of the three audio modules will work just fine. Route the audio to your desired chain of modules ( personally just love the Valley Plateau reverb, lol, it’s the fan favorite around here) and send the audio to the audio outputs and your speakers. As long as you route thru the reverb you can set it 100% wet signal only.

Can I route it through the mixer somehow? Since I have several devices and mics it’s not very efficient to connect and disconnect all the time.

Sure you could, use a send /return path from mixer to soundcard and only monitor the return for the wet only.

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In the 1202, you could actually use the alt outs as sends to card and the mute button routes to soundcard and lifts the dry signal from Mackie main outs. Then just return in the stereo inputs like 5/6.

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Configuring the output signal from the sound card did the trick. Thank you.