Computerscare v0.6.5 - New Modules

Hi, my name is Adam and today in my presentation I’d like to tell you about some of the new modules and updates I’ve made to my Computerscare Modules. They are all available in the plugin manager. I love you!

I Love Cookies - 6 channel CV / Signal sequencer

  • Text-based input
  • 26 knobs (lowercase letters a-z)
  • 26 inputs (uppercase letters A-Z)
  • Exact voltages by enclosing value in angle brackets eg: <1.0> or <-.83333>
  • Randomization by enclosing in curly braces eg: {abc} (will randomly select knob a, b or c)
  • Program complex sequences with minimal clicking/typing. For example: “dog@16” will expand “dog” out to 16 steps, looping. Equivalent to “dogdogdogdogdogd”. “[dog,rats]@16” will expand each of the comma-separated items by 16 steps. Equivalent to “dogdogdogdogdogd ratsratsratsrats”

Hopefully this video demonstration is helpful:


Oh Peas! Quad Quantenuverter

  • 4-channel CV-controllable attenuverter & offsetter
  • Equal-division quantizer (2-24 divisions of the octave, selectable by the knob)

The row labeled “out” is the attenuverted & offset mapping of the input signal. The row below that labelled “quantized” is the output row quantized to the scale entered in the text box.

You enter the scale for quantization in terms of “how many steps to the next note”. For example, the major triad “scale” (C, E, G) is programmed by entering “43” (meaning: 4 half steps, and then 3 half steps). Minor triad = “34” (3 half steps, then 4 half steps). The major scale would be “221222” (whole, whole half whole whole whole). The final half step back to the root note is always “implied”. Right click for some pre-programmed scales.

Here is a wordless demonstration:


These are great! Amazing work.

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I like how you ran out of pixels to finish the upper part of Oh Peas! :smiley:

Awesome collection.

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Cool Breeze

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Table of Contents

  1. I Love Cookies
    1. Sequencer text
    2. Inputs
      1. Letters
      2. Clk
      3. Rst
    3. Outputs
      1. One
      2. Out
  2. Oh Peas!
    1. Inputs
      1. Scales
    2. Parameters
      1. Divisions
      2. Transp
      3. Range
      4. Offset
    3. Outputs
      1. Out
      2. Quantized

I Love Cookies

I Love Cookies is a sequencer that combines external and internal
inputs, selecting which one to output based on letters typed in to the
text fields. Each letter corresponds to a value.

Sequencer text

  • Lowercase letters (a-z) copy the value from the a-z dials.
  • Uppercase letters (A-Z) copy the value from the corresponding
    external CV input.
  • Surrounding letters with curly braces results in a random
    selection. For example ab{cd} will output a, then b, and randomly
    choose between c or d.
  • Exact CV values can be placed in a sequence by using angle
    brackets. For example ab<0.4> will output a, then b, then 0.4 volts.



CV inputs next to the capital letters are how external values can be
fed in to the sequencer. When the corresponding letter is used in a
sequence, the value of the appropriate input is sent out from the


The topmost clock steps each row of the sequencer at once. The clock
trigger next to a row advances only that row.


The topmost reset trigger resets all rows of the sequencer. The reset
trigger next to a row resets only that row.



A gate which goes high when the sequencer is at its first step.


Outputs the value of the sequencer at its current step.

Oh Peas!


Each input at the top of the module travels downward on that column,
passing through an attenuverter followed by an offset shifter.


The scale used by the quantizer is specified by typing numbers in to
the text field. Right clicking the text field offers access to
pre-programmed scales.

Steps are defined as numbers. Each number is read as the number of
half steps to walk for each note.

  • A major triad (C, E, G) is 43
  • A minor triad would be 34
  • The major scale is 221222


Most Oh Peas! parameters have a knob for setting base values, as well as
CV inputs. Each CV input has its own smaller knob to control the
amount CV inputs sway the value.


Sets how many “half steps” an octave is divided in to. The default of
12 means an octave consists of twelve half steps, as in a chromatic
scale. Changing this value can result in interesting sounds :wink:


Transposes the output of all columns by a set number of semitones.


Controls the intensity of the signal allowed to pass through
(attenuated.) When the knob is shifted to the left the signal is
inverted (attenuverted.)


Controls the set amount a signal is added to or subtracted from.



Outputs are attenuverted and offset, but not quantized to the module’s scale.


Outputs are attenuverted and offset, and quantized to fit a scale.


Wow! That’s a really interesting concept and sequencer Adam! Looking forward to trying that one.

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Oh wow, another really interesting one Adam. Great work!

Trigger-out on quantization (like Quantum) would make it perfect, but I can see there’s no room on the faceplate, so… anyway, will look forward to playing with it!

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