Components not showing up

I’ve been dormant due for a while due to work but today I finally started moving my plugin to rack v1, I built the module using like the build instructions said & it found all of the components in the cpp file but when I built the module many of the components were missing from the faceplate.

There is something wrong with your coordinates. For example the pitch-knobs have different y but they should have the same.

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Looks like there’s a translation being applied in Inkscape to your components. I can tell because the Y coordinate of some components exceed 128.5mm, which would draw them outside of the panel’s bounding box.

Try these two actions in Inkscape.

  • Select all objects on the components layer, group them, and ungroup them.
  • If that doesn’t fix the coordinates, copy the objects, delete the components layer, create it again, and “Paste In Place”.
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