Compiling error: Fundamental

So I got my development chain up and running and I successfully compiled Rack v1.1.3

I decided to try compiling Fundamental by way of practice (I’m very new to this) and I am getting an error which seems to stem from a change that was made in ‘approx.hpp’ a few days ago. The error is shown below:

\Rack-SDK/include/dsp/approx.hpp:33:31: error: no match for 'operator<<' (operand types are 'rack::simd::Vector<int, 4>' and 'int')
   33 |  simd::int32_4 y = (xi + 127) << 23;
      |                    ~~~~~~~~~~ ^~ ~~
      |                        |         |
      |                        |         int
      |                        rack::simd::Vector<int, 4>

This is used in the LFO.cpp and VCO.cpp, if I revert the change in LFO.cpp and VCO.cpp back to using pow() and then comment out the include for approx.hpp , everything compiles OK.

Hi John, nice to hear you are up and running.

Be sure you are using the latest Rack source code and the latest Fundamental code.

When Rack is built from source, from the Rack directory you can do the following to update the build:
cd dep
make clean
cd ..
git pull or git pull commit#
and re-follow the build instruction starting with git submodule...
(note: make clean will clear everything in that directory and git pull downloads latest)

For future reference see this thread:

However you should know that most developers do not view #plugins regularly so the proper place to post bugs and feature requests is actually the GitHub of the developer in your case Fundamental:

But before you post a bug there be sure you are running the latest source code. I can not reproduce the error with the latest source code so I’m willing to bet you are out of sync with the latest Rack build that includes these changes for fundamental.

Thanks Phil,

I will try that.

I’m a bit further forward now … :grinning:
I should maybe have said that I was trying to build the Fundamental plugins using the Rack-SDK v1.1.2.
I cloned Fundamental into the plugins directory of Rack and compiled from there, everything worked OK! It would seem that the problem lies with the rack SDK but at least I now have a better understanding of the steps involved.

Thanks for the help Phil.

The latest Rack version is/might be 1.1.4 the fundamental version will possibly be 1.2.1, so you are correct in thinking the SDK is the issue here.