Compiled module not showing up

Hey o/
I just began to look into module developement. I followed the first basic tutorial
Everything went well, except the module doesn’t show up in vcv.
The sdk linked on the page is for v1.1.2 so I downloaded v1.1.2 to try my module, didn’t work.
I then downloaded the sdk for v1.1.3 and followed the same process but the module still does not show up.

I’m on MacOS 10.14.5.

did anyone have the same problem ?

Thanks for your help !

Impossible to say what’s wrong without any code, but most probably you did not uncomment necessary code in plugin.cpp and plugin.hpp.

Yes that was exactly it, what a dumb mistake :D.
thx very much

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I got stuck on the same issue. Didn’t find the answer until I found this thread, then was able to figure out where in docs said to do it! Made a PR to clarify:

Well I got my module to show up, but now I’ve changed … something and it no longer does. Is there a way to get debugging output from Rack about what it’s finding where? I tried -d flag but that didn’t seem to load any modules (including the Fundamental ones)

(Finally figured out that I had a stray module definition hanging around in plugin.json that referenced a module that didn’t exist)

In development mode you have to remove the -v1 suffix from the plugin folder (and settings.json)