Compile Rack v0.5


following this thread, I’m about to (try) to compile an older version of Rack in Windows, the 0.5: GitHub - VCVRack/Rack at v0.5

When I make dep on building openssl-1.1.0g.tar.gz, I got lots of errors:

What can you suggest to me to fix this? Not sure which could be the error…

you can grab it from listing directory /downloads, no need to compile it yourself

must to do it because I need to compile some (old) plugin against it…

you only need the 0.5.2 SDK (on same link) to compile the old plugins against…

0.5.2 SDK? on same link? where? sorry, can’t see it… :open_mouth:

SDKs only start at v0.6.0

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oops, not aware oof that… too bad…

No one can help with this? Tried with both Windows 10 and 11, still the same trouble. Why openssl shouldn’t compile?

On different platform does it works? Should I try Linux?

Your compiler?

C/C++ is not 100% “plug n play” portable.

I know that compiling Xors_3d game engine on Pelles C

Compilers have “little differences”

Microsoft compiler is the best compiler on windows…Excellent verbose

It’s difficult to build VCV stuff with microsoft compilers. Far easier to do it exactly like the instructions say, which ends up running gcc in an msys2 shell.

But you are right - whatever was the compiler way back a few years ago - possibly stuff has changed enough that current compilers won’t work for VCV 0.5? Don’t know.

Logic,for multiplateform…I’m dumb at this moment

it’s a lot of work to maintain multi-compiler builds, especially when you’re also building deps, and your upstream dependencies may not have made a lot of effort for Windows. It would make things more difficult for Rack and plugin devs alike for an uncertain marginal improvement for only Windows builds.

Far simpler to maintain as generic and portable a toolchain as you can.

That said, I’d love it if it were easy to build and debug using VS. The debugger is superior.

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I build all my algorithm code for both gcc and visual studio. The executable under visual studio is just a plain old command line program that runs a thousand or so unit tests. I do all the debugging in there.

I’m using MSYS2 and MinGW 64-bit, as suggested in the lineguide (in the past, and now).

I can setup and older version of the suite. Do you know which version would be used in that era? More or less, don’t think some minor update will impact most of the building system…

You’d want GCC v6.4 (the last v6 version) up to v7.1 may be up to v7.5 which cover the years 2017/18.