Compact multi mode and multi slope filter module...exist?

HP,LP,BP,REJECT… with selectable slope…

I have searched in the library but I’ve not found that…

Thank you in advance…

If I go to the library and search “VCF”, the first choice is Andy’s amazing (but not free) CF100 and the second two, today, are the Surge and Bog VCF, both of which are multi-mode multi-slope filter modules.


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I was searching for more compact…But flexibilty has a price



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Seem more complex but interesting too…

Could be very interesting on "looped’ music styles


A lot of ppl like the sound. It’s not really that complex - just leave most of the controls in the default position, default 4-pole lowpass with transistor distortion is the default. Change the slope for slope control, change low pass to and other other responses for multi mode.

Yes…And also more control on granularity

Could be useful on repetitive loops

but no control via CV on caps and bass

Have to test it

→ “bass” parameter change nothing with a SAW or a SQR signal

Those don’t do much. Read the manual.

Caps make something on ears

VCV Library - nozoïd Nozori_68_VCF_MORPH (

Inbuilt morph between 24 and 12 db/oct lowpass then to bp and hp.

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Bogaudio LVCF ?


Compact - definitely.

Multimode? - depends on your definition. It certainly can be configured for different slopes and modes, but only one at a time. When I saw the request for multimode, I assumed the OP was looking for simultaneous multimode.

LVCF… :+1:

I think that with a 6U width,Slope selection could be on the panel and resonnance could be controlled via CV

But very compact and nice