Coming Soon - ShapeMaster Node Triggers!

MindMeld are currently working on an update to ShapeMaster which introduces a new channel setting - Node triggers on the VCA output. When this setting is activated, the channel’s VCA out is replaced by a trigger output which fires a trigger each time the playhead crosses a node in the shape. This works really well combined with ShapeMaster’s Random quantised shape generation, making it an even more powerful sequencer.


Wow! Such a cool idea. No more setting up 2 channels (1 for pitch and one for gates/triggers). Makes the creation of interesting patterns (random or not) so much more intuitive.

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Great addition! This is going to be very useful for me.


Cool feature!! When will it be deployed?

That feature is done I think but we’re not sure when it will hit the library yet as there is something else we are are working on too and we will update the library when it’s all ready.

If you can build from source then you can pull the free MindMeld repo and try it out.