Coming library releases

Is this the place to check for the future library releases?

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Any clue how long it usually takes to go from build update to up to date? Seeing some exciting stuff… :slight_smile:

They are behind. In the past it was about a week, or less? ATM it’s been a long time, but they are promising to catch up soon.


as a quick update to this, looking at the library update pipeline, there was a library update about an hour ago, so my own pending updates as well as many others have now finally been updated and pushed to the library. :+1:


Lol, and I see that one of them is a VCO with… a ton of aliasing! Always room for one more.

maybe it’ll please you to hear that i’m currently in the earlier stages of an entire rewrite of Turbulence, from NullPath, in order to make it polyphonic - and one of my primary goals in the rewrite is to, at the very least, implement some oversampling to tone down the aliasing in it. i may take it a step further if i can wrap my head around the more complex stuff. oversampling is at least pretty straightforward though, so at least it’s something.

oh, I was not talking about your modules :wink: Yeah, I think some of the cool kids know tricks that are more efficient than oversampling, but that one is darned effective. There is a “how to” about oversampling here, if it helps: GitHub - squinkylabs/Demo: A collection of code and articles of interest to VCV users and developers.

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I’m not sure why, but the new Squinktronix plugin seems to be the only one in the build queue that wasn’t included in this latest library release :frowning:

(It doesn’t really matter for me because I built it locally a while back, but it’d be great to have it available via the official library for everyone else.)

well, a lot of the other ones were ahead of it, so hopefully it will be in there soon :wink: btw, the release one is significantly better than last year’s version, although if you are building current main you already have the current one.

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I’m not privy to how the library works behind the scenes, but it appears that Andrew simply forgot to close the issue after building it. This seems to be what triggers a change of status from ‘build’ to ‘up-to-date’. In any case, it might be worth pinging the Github issue to see what’s up.

ok, done.

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And they are in the library now.


Also not sure how it all happens, but lately this link shows something a bit different. It seems like the sorted cards (showing where plugins are in the pipeline) are not visible.

Im also curious how often does a build update happen?

Of course i can wait like everyone else, and am not owed an understanding to these questions, but i do enjoy watching this link for fun.

I’m not seeing a problem on the Project page showing the plugin update queue. I see two waiting for the next update run, and 6 in integration phase.

They do have a goal the work toward. The reality is that there isn’t a fixed predictable schedule. Part of the nature of having a very small team, (who do a great job), with some actions dependent on a single person (who has a life). It is frustrating to know that a fix is in the pipeline but having to wait an indeterminate time. There seems to be regular glitches in the infrastructure that impacts having a predictable cadence.

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You are probably looking at the legacy project page instead of the V2 project. I check the V2 page daily and it is always there for me.

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I had been checking on mobile, which didn’t show cards properly.