Combined knob and button?

Anyone know if there as away to tell when the users has clicked down on a knob? I’m looking to do something when the user releases a knob. I assume this doesn’t exist since it doesn’t really emulate hardware, but I wanted to ask.

Pico Drums uses this style of knob.

Works on the Artura mini lab when you use the #1 and #9 knob/button setting. little bit fiddley in reality ^.^

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Try onDragStart() for the moment the knob is pressed and onDragEnd() for the moment the knob is released. I used this on my TapeRecorder module for grabbing and slowing down the spinning cassette reels.

Btw, every mixer solo and mute button should work this way … just take a look at the mixer in Renoise.

should work how?

on a hardware mixer, when you push the mute button down, it starts to mute the channel. But unmuting the channel starts on releasing the button. That’s what I would expect from a virtual mute button on a mixing-software.

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Do you mean it toggles?

Every button press has two events - button down, and button up. @Ahornberg is pointing out that the trigger for hardware mixer mute buttons is dependent on which way you are toggling.

If currently OFF (not muted), then the channel is muted upon mute button down, and nothing happens with button up.

If currently ON (muted), then nothing happens with mute button down, and the channel is unmuted upon button up.

He would like to consistently see the same behavior with mixer modules in VCV.


First of all, I would like to see it in my own modules.