Collection-wide user settings


Some users have asked if I could add a swappable dark mode to my plugins. Sure, probably!

What I’d like to do, though, is to have a user who selects that dark mode for my suite select it for the entire suite. So if you do RMB/Dark-Mode on my chorus, my oscillator gets it too. So what I want to do is save a settings file which is 1:1 with plugin.json, not 1:1 with the modules therein.

Surge actually already has a mechanism to do this and I could just use it. That will create a ~/Documents/Surge directory and store settings there. So I have a solution but it doesn’t seem very rack-y

I read the SDK also. Seems settings.hpp is for the engine, to/from json on a module is the wrong arity since I don’t want something a a module level.

I could roll my own where I just dump some asset into asset::user( "surge-settings.xml" ) (probably re-using the surge user prefs mechanism with the path changed to that location) but before I do that wanted to ask if there’s some obvious thing I’m missing about how to tackle this.


I haven’t looked yet how to do that, but you can check @marc_boule‘s plugins how he solved it for Geodesics and Impromtu.

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Plugins may create one file or folder called <plugin slug>[.extension] in the Rack user directory. So don’t use ~/Documents/Surge/, use <Rack user dir>/SurgeRack/ instead, or asset::user("SurgeRack").

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Ok cool so use the current surge mechanism with the asset user path. That will work. It’s also how I dealt with wavetables and stuff.

Thanks for the quick reply. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing another approach.