Coirt Bark S&H / T&H - Patching MVP?

For a while I was dreaming about a S&H I could use for polyphonic voices. Example: you have an oscillator going into a filter, wouldn’t it be cool to offset the filter cutoff randomly on a per-voice basis? @Coirt Bark S&H is as close to perfect for this role as I’ve found.

It’s a Sample & Hold (and Track & Hold) module, but it also has per-channel scale and offset, the option to be unipolar or bipolar, regular or inverted output, and with either an internal (noise) input or external input.

The only thing it’s missing for my own selfish purposes is a slew limiter for smooth random signals.

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I’m not thinking super clearly right now but I wonder what Vult Leakage doesn’t do for you?

Leakage does a lot of the same stuff, plus it has some smoothing. I wasn’t aware of how it worked, it’s actually similar to the Coirt module, plus smoothing.

What leakage doesn’t that the Coirt Bark has is per-voice offset + scale.

@modlfo Thoughts on this as a feature of leakage?

If you need per channel control, you can use something like Polycon from BogAudio and set the values you want for each of the channels.

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Leakage, as most of my modules, are not focused on providing controls for each polyphony channel. However all accept polyphonic modulations. Leakage allows you to modulate the Offset and Range, so any module that provides a poly-wire of constants (as Omri suggest Polycon) allows you to do that.

If you need more randomness, use two poly Leakage to modulate the Range and Offset of other poly Leakage.