Code 127

When I compile a plugin on windows with the SDK, Rack v1.1.6 refuses to load the dll with error code 127.

The exact same plugin compiled using github actions, work fine.

I looked up code 127 and apparently it links to another dll that cannot be loaded or something, and people suggest to use dependency walker to find out what.

But when I do that I get a long list of red dlls. But I also do that for the dll that works, no clue how to interpret that.

I have used many hours on it now. I have done exactly what the manual instructs for compiling. I am stuck. Anyone has any clues? The plugin is here: GitHub - NikolaiVChr/Autinn: Autinn VCV Rack plugin

Are you using msys 64 bit? Did you run pacman with all the packages listed in the build instructions?

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Yes and yes.

your makefile seems pretty stock. I don’t get it.

I had strange behaviour in linux due to miss matched sdk and rack. double check perhaps?

I tried to compile against both SDK 1.0.0 and 1.1.6, same result.

The Windows loader can output detailed debugging information about how it loads DLLs, and what exactly is going wrong when it fails, using something called “Loader Snaps”.

To enable Loader Snaps, you need to run gflags.exe. That comes with the Debugging Tools for Windows, which is part of the Windows 10 SDK. Run the Windows 10 SDK installer from Windows SDK - Windows app development to install it. The installer lets you download and install just that component of the SDK, so it’s not a huge download or a huge or intrusive install. If the installer complains that you have the SDK installed as a different version, you can modify the existing install: Open Settings, navigate to Apps & features, select Windows Software Development Kit (if there’s more than one, select the newest), and then select Modify.

You can then run gflags.exe, which you’ll find in C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x64, in an Administrator Command Prompt like this:

gflags.exe -i Rack.exe +sls

To turn it off again when you’ve finished, run the same command with -sls.

The loader outputs its logging to the debugger output, so you need to be debugging Rack in order to see the logs. They’ll appear in the debugger’s Output window.

Hopefully that will shed some light on what’s going wrong.

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you may have forgotten to do make clean and are building with outdated .o files. probably not though, because i think thats error code 193.

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