CloudSeed by Valdemar Orn

Hi everyone! Maybe you all already know this very nice reverb! If not there´s a link…

For me sound`s very impressive and is free! Enjoy :+1:


I have it already in my ported modules I’ve never released because it’s too heavy on the CPU (At least for my mscbook) and I became sick of the delays during debugging, so I’ve parked it forever

(all the distorsors of my package are from Valdemar)

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Hi Antonio

I don´t know if could be related, but i never noticed any glitches or latencies in my old FX-8350 even when use it as a master effect in Rearoute in Reaper or with ASIO Link Pro with Sonar, Btw thank you for your great modules. :+1:

in this case for HIS (Valdemar) great module! :smile:


Sounds like we need to get you a new Macbook for your efforts :slight_smile:

Remember folks, just because an algorithm works great as a VST with a 256 sample buffer, doesn’t mean it’s going to be as efficient as a VCV module which has a one sample buffer. In fact it will often be much less efficient.