Clouds\Supercell vs Softube version - trig question

Hi folks

Rather newbie question.

Do i right understand that VCV versions of Clouds have such a technical feature, that it works only being driven thru TRIG input ?

But this is what confused me initially, because before was only experience with Softube version, where Clouds can use without appeal to Trig input, and all parts in module will works from scratch (with just active In and Out), like usual approach for effects. (And respectively i’m not sure yet what does Trig input in Softube version, his purpose).

So, i wanted to question - such difference in VCV - this is native behavior taken from hardware or not exactly ? Also, maybe i miss something and there is (in VCV versions) switch to some “constant input” mode for use it like softube one, without necessary trigging ?

it should work as fx without a trigger input
when you change the grain density knob from 0.5 to something different


Damn yes it seems i forgot to try turn Density knob. Sorry.

i think this is a somewhat common error. I certainly did that to begin with.

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Fun thing. I think there is sense to change default state of Density knob for avoid confusion for newbie users lol.

No way ! Newbie User Confusion is the best part of modular, on top of being a cool project name !!


Ok in principle agree.

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of course. Mutable Instruments need good undestanding of the f’n manual, so we can’t skip it. And it’s a joy :broccoli:

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Yes ! Also I think in general Mutable Instruments modules clearly are very well thought out in term of interface and how it is a musical instrument and not a technical thingy, and this often imply a need to study, specially with feature rich instruments, like those are. I love that the Density knob does two different things and nothing at noon, I feel it is useful in a performance context, and if you see it as a “DJ style” filter, it clics.

Also, sorry for the tong-in-cheek joke, I did not mean to make fun of people not understanding it, we all pass quite some time trying to figure out things before RTFM, don’t we ?

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