Clocked toggle button for mixer mute?

Hi everyone,

I am searching a module that lets me mute the channels of a mixer INTIME.
My workaround atm is to use some toggle button => sample&hold with clock divider => Mute input of mixer.

Is there a a plugin that already does that?

ML Trigger Buffer

This does not do the trick as I expected (or I missed something), cause it says

When the system is armed, a trigger pulse on “In” will be passed to “Out” and the system will be disarmed

ATM I use a fixed Voltage and AS flow plus a S&H or AS Triggers MK1 and S&H to mute a channel in time with my clock or a division of it.

OK, I thought you want to mute on a beat. Clock into Trigger Buffer In, your mute trigger into Arm. Your trigger will only go Out on the clock beat.

Squinky lab Mixer (Form and Exfor) have mutes that you can switch on/off ( see right click) with a trigger/gate.
EDIT : and of course NYSTHI s mixers can do this also.

nysthi::mix4 mix8 mix16
can do it
and no “clicks”


Yes, I use @Squinky Mixers mostly and they have Mute an Mute-CV …

But I still have to have one AS Triggers MK1 and one S&H per Mute-in to really mute and unmute on the beat/clock depending on which clock gates the S&H…

I think it is better to show what I mean …

(No audio … sorry was a quicky)

Did you right click the Form Module and choose “Mute CV Toggle on/off” ?


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