Clock Run and Count Module Run don't play well together?

I’m trying to use the Run output from Impromptu CLKD to start / stop a Count Modula sequencer, but they don’t seem to play well togethe.

The Run output from the clock is a trigger. It outputs a spike whenever the run button is clicked. Count Modula playes if I send a CV >=2 into its Run input (I’ve tested with CV Offset), and continues to play until I don’t turn the signal down to 0. When I connect the Run output from the clock to the Run Input of the sequencer nothing happens.

I guess I’m using Run in the wrong way…

By designb, needs a gat that is high and will pause when low. As per the manual for eg. the 16 step gate sequencer:

The Run input allows the sequencer to be started and stopped by the application of a gate signal with a low gate inhibiting the sequencer and a high gate enabling it. This functions like a pause button and operation resumes at the next clock cycle.

Thanks for the reply. So I guess I should use the run output from the clock to drive a switch, and reset the switch to low with the Reset trigger.

Otherwise, is rhere a clock that outputs a Run signal low / high?

a flip flop is perfect for the run input on Count Modula

but unless you need to turn the sequencer on and off a bit it is not actually needed, the clock alone will drive it along and when the clock stops so does the sequencer, just connect reset as needed and it will do what is generally expected