Clock rate change slew limiter

Hi all, I’m looking to change the rate of a clock gradually between two set points and can’t figure out how. For example I want a clock at 240 bpm to run for a time, and at a time of my choosing I would like to reduce that rate to 120 bpm but over, say, 10 seconds. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!

Hi Kyle, I do this sort of thing from time to time. Sequence the bpm input on the Impromptu Clocked module. I like simple cv sequencers like ADDR seq, you could set the bpm level on 2steps of the sequencer and then feed the cv thru Bog Audio Slew before it gets to the bpm input. Set the slew to slow and make your adjustments as the steps change and slew slows it. You could even use a division of the same clock to move the ADDR seq, its a kind of fun feedback loop between clock and sequencer setting the tempo. Slew will make the change slow and I believe the Bog Audio Slew will do more than 10 seconds easily.


That did the trick, thanks a lot!