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I really wonder how to connect different modules connected to a reference clock (following a big patch with different sequencers, arpegiators, chord sequences, etc.

Here is a typical exemple. I have a clock (ImpromptuModular/Clocked) I have several sequencers (CountModula/GateSequencer16b) I have one chords sequencer (HamptonHarmonics/Progress), connected with several arpegiators.

Of course, everything is connected via RUN, RESET, CLOCK.

The problems I have are when I star the clock. Impossible to start everything correctly. I have the chords wich starts at the second chord, the sequencer starts at the second step. I tried different configurations (level of the clock when reset, start, auto reste when start, etc.

I’m sure I don’t understand something… Have an idea? :thinking: Alain, France

post the patch or at least a screenshot :wink:


Turn off “outputs high on reset when not running” and on start and on stop as below, and try again.

afbeelding afbeelding

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Will try. Thank you. Alain

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Reset is handled differently by some sequencers, so even with the smartest settings on Clocked it can be challenging to get a response you are happy with. I try to go with the flow, if it wants to start at step 2, often I adjust to this step 2 being first step of my sequence. It’s not elegant, but it works.

Also try delaying the reset pulse, and see how that works

The above is just an example the VCV SEQ works fine without the delayed reset.

Count Modula Master Reset module is designed for this.


This works well for CM modules, they reset to an invisible 0 step and wait for a new trigger, but many many reset to first step and move to second step when a new trigger arrives, even with Master Reset involved.

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When you delay seq3 this way, you get a brief bit of the next step before it resets, not a good solution.

This is only handy when you start the sequencers by starting (run) clock, not when you reset a sequence mid stream while still playing…(and I also said this was just an example :wink: )

Try it on the sequencers that jump to step 2 when you start the clock and see if delaying the reset helps.

VCV does not have a good “standard” for reset. For one thing, it is silent on where you should go on a reset (which step of the sequence). Also, the level sensitive reset along with the admonishment to ignore clocks withing a millisecond has problems. One ia that not everyone implements it. The other is - what if you see a clock .99 milliseconds away? Do you ignore it? what if you don’t ignore it? Admittedly not as bad as without it.

I much prefer the “nord reset” protocol. It’s very crisp on how reset and clock relate to each other. Also it’s kind of obvious that one should go to the first step after reset with that protocol. Although of course it should all be spelled out…

end of rant…


RCM’s SEQ Adapter implements NORD style reset

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Indeed. I have to think about that. Every time I forget…

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Done. And that works! That was the opportunity for me to learn and test these aspects. Clock synchronization, clock signals, reset… Thank you once again! Alain

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Indeed. But here, I had a limited number of Chords in the module…

Interesting. Thanks!

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I didn’t know this module :face_with_peeking_eye:. Oups :roll_eyes::smiley: Thank you! Alain

This section of the Impromptu Modular manual is worth reading, especially if you are using Clocked or Clkd: On resets, clocks and run states….