Clock Modules not working

Hi All—

I’m having an issue where clock modules are not working or scope.

Have already checked that it is connected to an audio module- this is not the issue.

Any advice on how to fix it? I have two students in my class who are having this issue.

The audio module needs to have a driver and a device selected



Yes they have both of those selected. Any other ideas?? Maybe they need to delete and re-download the software.

If the clock you are using is outputting a trigger rather than a gate you may not see it in a scope. The trigger might be too quick for the scope to display.

How are you determining the clock isn’t working?

Hi Christie, welcome to the community.

If you can post a screen capture or upload your patch, someone can probably quickly find the problem. But, you probably are not able to upload since you are new.

What Sample rate are you running at?


main menu > Engine > Sample rate


Audio Module > Device Menu > Sample rate

Always enjoy these threads. “no clock module in VCV ever work ever”. Yeah, I kinda don’t think that’s really possible?


But it is still okay to ask for help?


@Thrston You can absolutely ask and may get help from other users.

For support from VCV, go to VCV - Support

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Squinky, this is not one of those posts. Christie is just asking for help. Please be welcoming.


Hi Christie, Could you maybe share a patch where the clock is acting the way you describe ? What clock module are you using ?