Clock generator with Tap Tempo

Hey All. Thanks in advance.

I’ve spent the last 10 minutes looking up and down every clock generator in the library, and searching these forums, so now I’m asking you. Does anyone know if any VCV Clock Generator has tap tempo?

More thanks in advance.

I don’t know of any (though it probably exists) but you could maybe do something with a button module and BPM LFO.

Nysthi LFO multiphase.

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Yup. Nysthi LFO multiphase. Thanks @contemporaryinsanity!!

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remember, if you need for example exactly 121 bpm from the lfomultiphase, you just write “121 bpm” in the field… (read the huge documentation about it! :rofl: )


Can you please share the screenshot of how you connected LFO multphase to clock I want to use manual tap button on my midi controller to set the master clock