Clock and Recorder missing from my patches

The plugins say they are missing even though they say they are added when I check my account online. However, they don’t show up anywhere in VCV 2.

I haven’t seen this complaint from anyone else, so it must be something on my end. Any clue what this could be?

If you’re on Apple CPU (M1/M2) - they’re probably not available yet. The information about what is available on Apple ARM is not available anywhere - either VCV are too busy to make it available or it’s a secret.

Clock ? The library shows 66 modules, when i do a search for “clock” and “clock generator” - Which one are you missing ?

Does log.txt say anything ?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m not using Apple at all. Just an older i7 processor.

I’m talking about ImpromptuModular Clocked.

This is what my log.txt says:

For VCV Recorder:

C:/Users/Alex/Documents/Rack2/plugins/VCV-Recorder-2.0.2-win.vcvplugin [1.338 info src/plugin.cpp:121 loadPlugin] Loading plugin from

For Clocked:

[136.809 warn src/engine/Engine.cpp:1227 fromJson] Cannot load model: Could not find module ImpromptuModular/Clocked

I don’t know what these mean other than that it can’t load the module. Could you interpret it? They were installed last time I had the projects open.

Are you on the newest version of VCV Rack ?

the plugins should be in a dir now called “plugins-win-x64” instead of the old “plugins” same place. Some of the plugins may update, but fail to work with older versions of rack.

I recommend a reinstall of VCV Rack, the latest verions.

you may have to delete/rename your old “plugins” dir, if the update process failed before, and let rack download the plugins to the newly named dir “plugins-win-x64” - backup anything you want to keep, like module presets.

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For Clocked, you definitely have to be on a version of Rack that is greater or equal to 2.4.0.