Clicks - seems to be related to the VCO's PWM

It seems that this was already an issue back in 2022, but it seems like it’s still there. I found these 2 threads:

Any idea if this will ever get fixed?

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On which VCO? It was fixed in vcv fundamental, it think.

I’m relatively new to VCV Rack… I saw that you guys mentioned “Fundamental”. Are you talking about the stock modules? If so, yes, that’s the VCO (btw, why is it called Fundamental?):


This is my version of VCV Rack:


I tried with this other module and no issues at all:


Yes , they are now called VCV Free.

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Oh ok. I see it now: image

Thank you.

Do you also experience this issue with the PWM in that VCO? @Squinky mentioned it was fixed, but I’m still experiencing that same issue.

My hearing is not that great but it shows some irregularities on the scope so I guess it’s not fixed yet.

Yeah I recorded the audio and it’s clear they’re there:

It’s been 2 years and it’s still not fixed. Weird…

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I noticed this 2 days ago when I modulate the PWM from the VCV OSC with a simple sine wave, I hear this crackling sound. Really frustrating. Of course you can filter it out, but that’s not the intention. No other oscillator, that I have in my library, has this problem. What I find strange is that I didn’t notice the problem earlier because my ears are really good. As if this problem suddenly appeared out of nowhere for 2 days.

Crackle.vcv (2.1 KB)

I sent an email to VCV and they quickly replied that they would solve the problem quickly.


They haven’t fixed the issue. It’s been around a while too. I believe the developer of Slime Child Audio even noted the piece of code that was causing the issues, and the necessary fix, but it’s still there in the VCV fundamental collection VCO. There were a few developers who fixed this issue (Slime Child and Bog Audio are the two I can think of). Per the developer of Slime Child Audio, the reason you may be seeing this in other VCOs is that “many developers have used that implementation (VCV VCO) as reference, and have inadvertently duplicated the bug, which is why you’re seeing it in other modules too.”