Clearing Library

I added lots of Plugins when i first installed VCV a while ago, ive since unsubscribed to most so i can focus on a few but i’m not sure how to clear them from my cached Library am i missing an obvious step?

what do you mean by “cached library”? if you don’t want some modules in your VCV setup,
you need to delete them from your _-plugins-v1 folder on your own.


I suppose deleting the whole folder and re-downloading would work, too? (Maybe less typing, depending…)

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When you hit Manage Plugins and you filter on Owned it presents the option to Unsubscribe, i thought this might of been the start of removing them from the personal Rack library, i will look as suggested at deleting the folder contents and let the updates pull back only the desired plugins. Thanks

you dont need to delete the entire contents of the plugins-v1 folder. just the plugin folders you unsubscribed from.

thanks, any ideas where i’ll find it? I have a VCV folder in the Library/ Audio folder which is empty ?

Actually i got , was in user/ documents/ Rack

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