Classic Ambient Works

(Michael Lloyd) #41

I own that album! As also Aqua , and Ages
. Bought as released in America back when as released

LOL! I met Edgar after a Los Angeles Concert.Told him I start following his music since Aqua. He looked at me puzzled and replied “And you are here today?” Hahahaaaa Funny guy! I miss his talents. (I have seen many concerts since the mid 60’s.Seen bout all the greats of their time.Yeah,saw the Beatles,Hendrix … blah,blah,blah.My parents worked at the venue.)


I think there is more to be said for an eleven year old piece to be classic (in this genre), than for a track with a beat to be ambient. I wouldn’t say every use of percussion disqualifies it from being “pure” ambient, but it’s a fine line. I would say Robert Rich is on top of that line.

Of course I know many people don’t care about delineating genres, and this should not be taken as a judgement on anyone’s listening (or producing) pleasures.

That said, I don’t think a list of classic ambient works can be complete without mentioning Lustmord, the godfather of dark ambient. This live album is a good entry point:


does this count?


i’ll check it out as soon as i get access to the rest of the internet again. currently china is disrupting the vpn service i use, so i can’t get to google (including youtube), facebook, twitch, or reddit… very annoying and hopefully a workaround will be implemented within the next few days.

(Existentia Virae) #45

That happened to me last year around this time, and I’m still looking for a suitable replacement.

(Sinan 166) #46

La Monte Young is probably best known as the pioneer of drone music in the west.

The title of this album might seem weird, but it has a story.

From Wikipedia :

“Young’s first musical influence came in early childhood in Bern. He relates that “the very first sound that I recall hearing was the sound of wind blowing under the eaves and around the log extensions at the corners of the log cabin”. Continuous sounds—human-made as well as natural—fascinated him as a child. He described himself as fascinated from a young age by droning sounds, such as “the sound of the wind blowing”, the “60 cycle per second drone [of] step-down transformers on telephone poles””

(Lars Bjerregaard) #47

I definately wouldn’t call it ambient, but rather, as you say, drone music.


yeah, sure. it’s daddy eno!

(S Bateman) #49

Anything by the enigma that is Abul Mogard whoever they may be.

(David Muddyman) #50

I haven’t seen a mention of Max Richter. Infra is my favourite but he recently released an edited version of “Sleep” (the original is 8 hours long).

This is one part “Path 3”
and “Dream 3”

(Lars Bjerregaard) #51

That’s wonderful stuff!

(Domharrison) #53 this one’s really nice

Terekke - Improvisational Loops

(Lars Bjerregaard) #54

Oh wow, Terekke. Another name I’d never heard about. This is really nice! Thanks Dom.

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(Adi Quinn) #55

Just wanted to say I’ve been really enjoying browsing through this list after picking through the pitchfork one above. Personally, I would skip the A’s and go right to the B’s, they are all fire but the Bohren one & bvdub one hit home the most for me. And loved the Colleen, Fennesz, Panabrite, Robert Rich & Steve Roach, Tim Hecker(although my favorite of his will always be his 1st album). But I’ve listened to maybe a third of these so far and I don’t always want to hear straight orchestral things so I do a lot of skipping around.

(Sinan 166) #56

Bohren & Der Club of Gore is an amazing band !

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(Sinan 166) #57

Recently discovered this guy. I’m sold.

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(David Muddyman) #58

Hi Lars,

We seem to like quite a lot of the same music.

If you feel like it have a listen to the first track on the playlist of a series of music pieces I wrote to go with my paintings at a recent exhibition. Quite influenced by Discreet Music. I would value your opinion. the link is


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(Lars Bjerregaard) #59

Thanks for sharing David, this is very nice, well done! Some of the tracks I find to be very good, and I really enjoy them. Some of them definately generative ambient in the pure Eno spirit. Great sounds all around and very pleasant. Some of it is very fresh and full of good vitamins. Did you do these in VCV Rack or on your hardware?

(David Muddyman) #60

Thank you for the feedback Lars. They were all created and recorded live in VCV rack using only VCV modules (no VCV host vst’s). I haven’t been used to creating and recording live for a long time - since the days before Cubase added VST. Again, thank you for taking to time to give me feedback.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #61

That’s pretty good going David, I’m officially impressed! :sunglasses: