Classic Ambient Works

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I own that album! As also Aqua , and Ages
. Bought as released in America back when as released

LOL! I met Edgar after a Los Angeles Concert.Told him I start following his music since Aqua. He looked at me puzzled and replied “And you are here today?” Hahahaaaa Funny guy! I miss his talents. (I have seen many concerts since the mid 60’s.Seen bout all the greats of their time.Yeah,saw the Beatles,Hendrix … blah,blah,blah.My parents worked at the venue.)


I think there is more to be said for an eleven year old piece to be classic (in this genre), than for a track with a beat to be ambient. I wouldn’t say every use of percussion disqualifies it from being “pure” ambient, but it’s a fine line. I would say Robert Rich is on top of that line.

Of course I know many people don’t care about delineating genres, and this should not be taken as a judgement on anyone’s listening (or producing) pleasures.

That said, I don’t think a list of classic ambient works can be complete without mentioning Lustmord, the godfather of dark ambient. This live album is a good entry point:


does this count?


i’ll check it out as soon as i get access to the rest of the internet again. currently china is disrupting the vpn service i use, so i can’t get to google (including youtube), facebook, twitch, or reddit… very annoying and hopefully a workaround will be implemented within the next few days.

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That happened to me last year around this time, and I’m still looking for a suitable replacement.

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La Monte Young is probably best known as the pioneer of drone music in the west.

The title of this album might seem weird, but it has a story.

From Wikipedia :

“Young’s first musical influence came in early childhood in Bern. He relates that “the very first sound that I recall hearing was the sound of wind blowing under the eaves and around the log extensions at the corners of the log cabin”. Continuous sounds—human-made as well as natural—fascinated him as a child. He described himself as fascinated from a young age by droning sounds, such as “the sound of the wind blowing”, the “60 cycle per second drone [of] step-down transformers on telephone poles””

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I definately wouldn’t call it ambient, but rather, as you say, drone music.


yeah, sure. it’s daddy eno!

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Anything by the enigma that is Abul Mogard whoever they may be.