CLAP version sync to DAW doesn't work here

I can’t sync a patch to my DAW project with the CLAP version 2.2.1 of VCV Rack 2, VST3 works fine. Im using Bitwig Studio (4.4.5) on Windows 11.

I loaded one instance of VCV CLAP on one track and VCV VST3 on a second track and loaded the same patch into each of them. The VST track synchronizes to BWS, the CLAP track doesn’t.

I already reported this to support and they are aware of the bug
and fixing it asap.

I’m not the only one with this problem. I can confirm, vcv does not sync with daw (bitwig) in clap plugin format.


Still a thing on Bitwig 4.4.6 it seems

Wasted an hour or so trying to get this to work before I finally gave up and tried the VST version. On the other hand, been having a lot of fun running Rack as a host for midi sequencing only, and using vst’s in Bitwig for the audio. This is one more thing that makes me miss all the cool M4L midi plugins even less