Circadian Sound - [Music]

An ongoing thread of material designed using VCV Rack.

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Circadian Sound

To kick things off, an example of DivSeq by JW Modules, which creates some really nice evolving melodies.

~ T-Minus ~ [Ambient dnb]

DivSeq is a 16 step sequencer with clock dividers on each step. This module is perfect for injecting new rhythms into your melodies and taking a sequence out of its traditional monotonous equally spaced steps.

Patch Notes

  • Percussion: sequenced with JW Trigs pinging VCFs.
  • Bass: detuned Befaco EvenVCOs Saws through Alright Devices ZZZORB.
  • Lead: Befaco EvenVCO Sine.
  • Melody: 3 instances of JW DivSeq driving their own Bogaudio FM-OP voice, set to just 4 steps each.

Another example featuring DivSeq by JW Modules.

~ Drifting ~ [Melodic IDM]

Input is always greater than Output!

Patch Notes

  • Percussion: JW Trigs pinging Bogaudio LVCFs.

  • Bass: detuned Befaco EvenVCO Saws, plus their Triangle waves multiplied through Befaco AxB+C, all mixed through Alright Devices ZZZORB and compressed by FLAG Oppressor.

  • Glitches: Karplus Strong provided by NYSTHI microDelay, using a Mindmeld Mixer AUX send as an input source.

  • Melody: 3 Instances of JW DivSeq driving their own Bogaudio FM-OPs, with Stoermelder 8FACE stepping through octave ranges for each instance.


RACK vs ORCʎ - A shift register implementation in Hundred Rabbits’ live coding environment, driving VCV Rack.

Variables in ORCĘŽ, which read from a sequence of notes at a specified rate to create a shift register. Then some stages from the shift register are sending midi to Rack.

~ Shifting ~ [RACK vs ORCĘŽ]

Patch Notes:

Here we have a 7 step pattern cycling in ORCĘŽ.

Then we have a network of 8 read operands each reading from the previous step, with the first step reading from the 7 step sequence. The 7 step sequence runs at a faster rate than the network is reading. This results in a slightly less predictable output.

Next we have the registers in the network writing to variables, and 4 of these variables are used to generate a midi arpeggio, with the elements of the voice stack banging at different rates. The arpeggio is sent to VCV Rack using the MIDI-CV module, and is driving a simple Befaco EvenVCO poly voice.

Additionally, we have a transpose technique, which lays out a chromatic scale and then reads C,E,G, and A sharp. This, also, is a simple EvenVCO voice, but this time monophonic.

Lastly, we have an LFO modulating a LPF, and some random velocity modulation affecting the sustain level on the poly voice.

This is all gelled together with a healthy dose of reverb and delay, provided by Valley Audio Plateau, and Alright Devices Chronoblob.

Solar winds, gravitational pressure, and the beautiful yet ominous vast depths of space; a cinematic ambient patch performance cut with time-lapse images of the cosmos.

Link to download FREE ambient pad samples in the YouTube video description.

~ Expanse ~ [Cinematic Ambient in VCV Rack]

Patch Notes:

Impromptu Modular’s Foundry is at the heart of this patch. Where it’s driving 3 instances of Bogaudio’s FM-OP. These 3 FM operators are sequenced at different Clock Rates, with different Pattern Lengths, all in the key of C minor.

Each voice is mixed through the Mindmeld Mixer with a heavy dose of Valley Audio’s Plateau Reverb. The AUX Sends for these three voices are configured as Pre Fader AUX Sends, with the channel faders fully attenuated, for a completely wet mix.

Then the Master Output for the Mindmeld Mixer is sent to an instance of NYSTHI Simpliciter, for the purpose of recording a “Tape Loop”. Simpliciter’s output is then mult-ed and split to a channel on Mindmeld Mixer, and an instance of Audible Instruments Texture (in granular mode), which feeds 2 instances of Bogaudio’s LVCF in BPF mode. These two channel’s are the core of the Ambient Pad in this patch performances.

Modulation duties are handled by Bogaudio’s 8FO; where the FM-OP’s Feedback amount, Plateau’s Filters, and the LVCFs’ Cutoffs evolve over the span of a long sine wave cycle.

Lastly, there is one more instance of Bogaudio’s FM-OP that’s responsible for the horn like Bass Braam notes. This voice is played live, in a loose way using Impromtu Modular’s Twelve Key.

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