Chris Muir Racket (was First Few Experiments)

I’m a recent VCV Rack user, and here are my first experiments with it:


Sounds pretty succesful to me, like you’re off to a good start. Maybe rename the topic to something like “Music from cbm” and have it be your running exposé of your music. That’s what most of us do in here. Thanks for sharing!

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Really nice ! Really like the second one.

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I’ve added a few more tracks to the playlist since I made the initial post.

You have found your own style. Really beautiful compositions. The first one makes me think of one piece by Animusic. (1990). I’m not sure but I think it was Pogo Sticks.


This one is pleasant enough, I think. It started out with wanting to emulate the Intellijel Shifty, which I always thought was a fun module.

It turned into a really giant patch, though:

Here’s a selection containing the Shifty part: Intellijel_Shifty_Emulation.vcvs (24.6 KB)

This one is a bit more abstract / dissonant. It’s also among the biggest patches I’ve come up with.

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