Chortling Hamster Modules Bitwise: Preview and thoughts

If it’s gonna be anywhere, the space right below the pattern led would make the most sense IMO. A rotating hamster knob would be a bit much for me personally. Love how this plugin shaped out!

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Did you know this morning you would write this sentence ? :grinning:


OK. I’ve added Agamemnon back to the front panel. He’s chortling underneath the blinkenlights.

Agamemnon the Chortling Hamster

As I’ve not heard anything about stuff going wrong with the last Bitwise beta I’ll finalise the documentation over the weekend and then submit to the plugin library early next week. :slight_smile:


What! No rotating hamster knobs??? :wink:

I haven’t had any issues with the module, though maybe it would be nice to maybe have one totally random pattern - say pattern 16 is a random generator with each TRIG ALL?

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Ummm. I’m not quite sure what you mean there. Can you expand that a bit? Thanks.

The module is currently in the review queue waiting to be added to the VCV Library, so I can’t make changes to the 1.1.0 version. However, I could add randomisation to the 1.1.1 version.

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I was just thinking out loud that the 16 patterns are fixed. But in hindsight that is not detrimental as with the row and pattern select CV inputs one can ‘go nuts’. Besides if I really wanted randomization I guess I could use a Turing machine and the expanders.

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I’m going to start working on an expander module for Bitwise soon, which (fingers cross, coding skillz don’t fail me now) will allow you to create, load and save your own patterns and turn on the official Agamemnon Goes Nuts™ mode, and other random pattern generator goodies. :smiley:


That poor hamster will need a friend to help power all that .

Go Hamsters!


Haha! That video is hilarious. I think I shall watch that every morning to cheer myself up from now on. Never mind dark energy. Physicists should be studying the power potential of multi-hamster wheels. Hmmm. Idea forms for module…

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