Chord generator and clock shifter now up for test from Squinktronix

Harmony II is a brand new module. It’s in the same family as some other chord VCV generators. It mostly does “scale aware” quantizing and chord generation. If these scales are diatonic scales then it’s a diatonic quantizer / chord generator.

Where it differs from most other chord generators is that the output chords can be anything from 1 to 6 notes, in many different scales, and there is a lot of option for CV control. Even the scales can be controlled by CV.

It comes with a bunch of presets for some of the more common chord types. (well, only a couple at the moment).

Harmony II and Phase Patterns now available for testing Here (link)

Phase Patterns has been in test for quite a while. Sorry about that. But it finally works pretty well, I hope. It is a clock shifter, which is unusual already, but it has a lot of CV controls, and that can take it into very strange places.

My other two modules, Harmony and Arpeggiator, have changed very little. Harmony now has the automatic setting of sharps vs. flats in key selection, but other than that is unchanged.

If anyone likes to read manuals, they can be found here. Still a bit of work to do on them…


I’ve installed the test version and have Harmony II working with Arpeggiator, fed root notes from Meander to XP input and with the Harmony 1st channel as bass. It sounds very good, but it is going to take some time to wrap my head around Harmony II. Just a quick question… there are no factory presets, right?

As a general question, for a chord progression, would you usually have an instance of Harmony II per chord?

I have read the manual, but will need to a few more times. I’m looking forward to people posting demos.

Here is mine. Maybe someone will kindly tell me if I have something totally wrong :wink: : Here is the corrected patch with the correct input port connected:

Squinktronix Harmony II test with Meander-1.vcv (9.3 KB)

I made some presets, but I didn’t check that they made it through. they are very basic.

Chord changes are problematic, but the transpose input is polyphonic, and you can also change the root and scale via CV. but it takes some work to do that. Hopefully the manual can help there.

The two presets I made were: key of c minor, simple triad (three channels enabled, set to 0, +2 and +4, since a third is two up from 0, and +4 is the fifth. Second preset is the same, but the +2 channel is also down an octave, for a triad in first inversion.

You can see why I was a little curious about some of the protocols for sending in scales… If you have any suggestions, there’s still plenty of time…

Oh, and the panel should tell you what’s going on. the key signature stuff will display the CV when you are using CV. And each of the six channels will tell you the shift steps, if the channel is enabled and the transpose input is patched.

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I had one thing wrong. I had the chord roots going to XP rather than CV1. I have fixed that now, but not in the posted patch.

Yeah, I do not find the presets. I just set up the panel as in your manual example.

I’ll find those presets and make some more. tx.

Oh - I’ll bet I have some bad .gitignore rule and it never pushed those things. Doh!

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Oooh! These look great! Very excited to see this line continue, Squinky! And I’ve been thinking about phasing and looking into different takes on clock generators so Phase Patterns couldn’t come at a better time. Harmony II looks fascinating as well, especially with all those CV inputs.

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The Harmony II Key and Mode CV inputs seem to work correctly for the diatonic modes and roots. I wrote BASICally scripts to translate from Meander mode and root to Harmony II Mode and Key This allows Meander and Harmony II to play nicely with each other and gives an easy way to play chord progressions in any mode and root and have Harmony II track that properly.

Thank you for the Key and Mode CV inputs as that is much cleaner to control via the ports than via uMap to the parameters.

If anyone would like to play with Meander to Harmony II sequencing, here it the patch:

Squinktronix Harmony II test with Meander mode and root-1.vcv (10.3 KB)


There is a dedicated thread here somewhere for that, but if have any feedback or bug reports, post anywhere you want or send info to me.