Chord Gate Sequencer a la Phrasebox

Hello all,

I was wondering if there is some module solution for a ‘chord gate sequencer’ like Phrasebox from Venomode for example. (Venomode | Phrasebox)

Cheers, Reyn.

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Some of the arp features are like Arp Seq by Voxglitch. The gate length thing is not a thing most arpeggiators do and I don’t think a VCV arpeggiator does this exactly, but the divide and multiply options in Arp Seq would get real close. Probability and transposition are key fun features of the ArpSeq. Its a fun unit, you can feed it a static 0v input and use like its its own sequencer not waiting on input, just use the transpose to change pitch.

@REYN Strummer by Nysthi is designed for staggering gates, and can also do up / down strums, and a few more tricks besides.

Have just tested this, and like the results:

This is strumming the four notes of the chord and also randomly picking from one of the notes of the chord, or one of the notes of the scale or one of the note of the pentatonic scale. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Oh that looks nice! Would you care to share the patch? Cheers, Reyn.

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Oh, thanks Cubistguitar. Ah yes, that is getting closer. Only thing that is really cool is in Phaseplant, if you have a 4 note chord, you can decide which of those 4 notes are being let through in that gate instance.

(one issue though which could be Arp Seq that when I let go of the keyboard there are still some notes hanging in some buffer or something, because if I play the next chord or note it still triggers notes from just before until you ‘renew’ all the new notes.)

Does changing this setting to reset help ?