This looks kinda cool

Though, it maybe seems a touch pricey?

Chompi Club will arrive on Kickstarter on the 28th of March, 2023, for an early bird pre-order price of $499 (retail $599).

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I saw it and immediately assumed it’d be like $900. Teenage engineering set a terrible example that everyone else is following now.


$599… get real

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What the hell… image

When I saw this for the first time I though something like “Oh, it looks kinda cheap-ish, nice of them to make musical stuff more affordable and popular”. Then I kinda forgot about it for few years and now I checked the prices…

I saw Chompi’s ad yesterday or maybe a day before. It looks nice, but again, everyone already said here that it’s not 600$ nice…


VERY cool! So like Arbhar + external keyboard? Or something…

What’s the price? Oh… retail $599. Doesn’t seem that bad honestly, considering what modules like Arbhar and Morphagene cost. Dunno, but it seems attractive. I don’t think it’s grossly overpriced if the build quality is good, which seems so at a glance.

Someone somewhere mentioned they thought it was similar to the Organelle, which seems to be $495 - $595, so I guess its at least somewhere competitive (although I know nothing about the Organelle, I’m taking their word for it)

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I dunno. How hard could have been to make the keyboard more like a “proper” musical keyboard?

Saw this earlier, too. I…'d like to have this, yes, but compared to what Elektron sells for €$800 to make sample-based music, I’d get a toy. A cool toy, but… phew.

Every since I heard the joke, ‘Teenage Engineering, really more of a lifestyle brand than just an instrument company’, I thought, ‘ohhhh, that makes sense now’.

Though people seem to do some good work with the OP-1, I’ve never got my hands on one and can’t figure out what the cost is all about.

It’s a machined metal enclosure with some keyboard switches and a Teensy (probably). Nothing warranting that price.

Exactly. For $800 I could get a flagship multi-out drum machine with pristine XoX engines, a bulletproof sampler capable of almost every thing you could possibly want to do to a sample, a full on daw in a box with a multi point touch screen, or a full sized synth with aftertouch.

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Eurorack tends to be a more expensive format to build in. The circuitry required to integrate a little digital computer into a ±12v dc/ac environment ends up being complicated and expensive, and to be honest both those modules are sold at a pretty premium anyway.

I dare someone skilled to reimplement this workflow with affordable DAW and plugins and share with everyone. Because that is how it should be, without “magic”.

Will this device be craved for in 30 years?

Organelle has a whole community of people making apps for it (like Norns or VCV kinda). The Hardware is not open-source, but the software is (and mainly based on PD if I understand correctly). With this Chompi at least for launch, you get a single app and it does what it does and nothing more. Maybe that will open up in the future, but I wouldn’t pay full price until I see that part in action.

Also, worth noting where their priorities are, the pink edition costs $100 more than the black edition, even though that is the only difference.


I’m sure it’s possible in Ableton or Bitwig.