Chiptuner-0.6.2 - New Release! ;-)

Hello Rackheadz! Finally I have managed to release the 2019 version of my Chiptuner-0.6.2 Blank Plates!

I made some corrections in the PNGs files, added the 2HP plate (that I was badly missing…) and added the “Extreme” version to all the plates so basically you now have 11x3 different plates to choose from! :smiley:

Freely downloadable from GitHub, as usual!

Chiptuner 0.6.2 ~ 2019 Version

Have fun, always in an 8 bit style!

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Thanks, they look great. You should probably mention in the README that it’s only for Windows; no Mac or Linux builds.

Nice panels ! Cheers !

Mac build added as GitHub issue and also here:

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Yup, that works. Thanks @Nik!

Uhm, hello everybody! Yeah, @Nik made an excellent work out there! I have uploaded his Mac version! I am (slowly) understanding how GitHub works so the next release (on its way) will be Mac/Linux compliant! Please, be patient, tho… :wink:


The Windows version on GitHub is missing something and I can’t make it go.:cry:

“[0.046 warn src/plugin.cpp:73] Plugin file C:\Users…/Rack/plugins/Chiptuner-0.6.2-master/plugin.dll does not exist


@bp.dtmr Uh… I am really sorry I don’t know what’s going on: TBH I can compile it properly… If you check my GitHub account, you can download the working plugin from the RELEASES section.

I am really sorry, tho. I am learning myself how to work, compile and stuffs…

The only thing I am sure about is that I can compile the plugin from scratch on my machine (win 7) so my educated guess is that maybe there is something missing on your machine but then, this is just a guess.

Let me know…

Thanks! :sunglasses:

Hello Rackheadz!

I have made some major updates to the Chiptuner plates!

  • made most of the background seamless, so that they are more pleasant to look at when you put the same plates close together
  • removed my face from the 32HP plate. It was a little bit too narcissistic…
  • made some little corrections, even if I am sure I missed something! :stuck_out_tongue:

As usual you can find them here —> Chiptuner-0.6.2 SEAMLESS EDITION