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@ablaut 's recent posts with his responses to the Naviar Haiku Challenge inspired me to give it a try. This uses VCV for audio FX from Logic Pro (the paulstrech’d strings are processed through two @Squinky 's Formant filters and the shimmer reverb is an adaptation of the patch @fractalgee recently posted.

The haiku was:

Early Morning, One star remaining, It’s a good day too.


Another Haiku response.

I’m not 100% satisfied with this, but the point for me of doing these haikus is that I’m under a time constraint so need to commit to a basic idea and do the best I can without fussing about it too much.

desolate street at dawn
last night’s turmoil
whispers in the wind

Track for the Naviar Haiku Challenge 493 Made in Logic Pro, using VCV Rack for audio and MIDI FX (my DrumMap, RareBreed’s Eugene, Audible Instrument’s Texture Synthesizer, Valley’s Plateau)

Haiku by marco sebastiano alessi Image by k8 K8 (@k8) | Unsplash Photo Community


As before, not 100% satisfied, but I’m using these haiku’s as an artificial “deadline” generator to just see what I can manage to do with these constraints.

For Naviar’s Haiku Challenge #494

On the canal bank
Vivid yellow irises –
Silent sentinels

Logic Pro’s sampled Bösendorfer played through some virtual tape loops via VCV Rack: 5 Nysthi Simpliciters, 5 Count Modula Gate to Trigger converters and VirtualModular’s shimmer made with Clouds and Plateau.

Haiku by John Hinks Stream FlownBlue music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud Picture by Outi Marjaana A close up of a yellow flower with a blurry background photo – Free Suomi Image on Unsplash


same for me. which reminds me that today is the deadline. i have some ideas bouncing around in my brain, but i need to actually make a patch…

and i see you’ve made a very similar cutout from the original picture.

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For Naviar’s Haiku Challenge #495

bird polyphony
– treble, alto, tenor, bass,
Spring meadow concert

Polyphony or cacaphony? You be the judge.

Sequenced with VCV Rack modules ( JW-Module’s NoteSeqFu, Count Modula’s Euclidian Sequencer, Stoermelder’s 8Face, Little Utils Teleport, Submarine’s And Gates, my Tintinnabulator and Inv harmonizers) to drive several tracks of sampled flutes and bells.

Haiku by Raymond Cobley @ray_cobley Picture by EVGENIY KONEV

[EDIT: re-saved it today (July 11) and the forum now creates a nice preview] (for some reason the VCV forum can’t generate the normal soundcloud preview today :frowning: )

i haven’t been able to get to soundcloud for a few days now. something hinky is going on.

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Another haiku challenge. This one has less VCV Rack than previous attempts, but there’s some in there!

For the weekly Naviar Haiku challenge 496 - #naviarhaiku

mountain’s red leaves
the setting sun returns
to the sky

Mostly created with builtin Logic Pro instruments, but with some VCV Rack sequencing courtesy Impromptu’s ProbKey and Count Modula’s Euclidian Sequencer.

Haiku by Kobayashi Issa Kobayashi Issa | Poetry Foundation

Picture by Laura Vinck Orange smoke on blue background photo – Free Sky Image on Unsplash


lovely! great mood.

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No haiku from me this week - I got distracted testing out new modules in Rack and things ended up completely incompatible with the assigned poem. It’s 100% VCV this time. It started as a bit of fooling around with Tonecarver’s Traveler sequencer driving some simple FM-OP voices, but then added his Morse module (playing the Rack log.txt, a random markdown file and one of my module’s JSON config files) I added Squnky’s Saws through his Formant filters and Sapphire’s Elastica. All performed in VCV Rack, exported via NYSTHI’s Polyrec and then mixed in Logic Pro. Beat provided by Seaside Modular’s Tala. Image by Nick Shandra at Unsplash.


Back to the haikus!

A track for the Naviar Haiku Challenge #499. A hybrid track using Vult’s Caudal as a sequencer driving a mixture of Bogaudio and Surge VCOs with some distortion from Saphire Elastica and Free Surface’s Watertable. All running in Logic Pro which adds some binaural panning. The haiku is by Hege A. J. Lepri ( :

 afternoon heat
 the heavenly dance of
 cumulus clouds

Picture by Stefan Lehner A large white cloud photo – Free Grey Image on Unsplash

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Another Haiku made almost entirely with VCV Rack Pro orchestrated in Logic Pro. For this week’s Naviar Haiku challenge #503. Haiku by Darren Bourne halF unusuaL

 Opens her new wings

Picture by Ray Hennessy Butterfly perched on petaled flower photo – Free Butterfly Image on Unsplash


Sequences and audio stems via alef’s bits Slips, Rarebreeds Eugene, Bogaudio and Audible Instruments VCOs in VCV Rack; mixed in Logic Pro with Plateau and Chronoblob. Slips is the star here…


I really like Slips also. You might try SS Melodygen in a similar role. They are both generating melodic sequences but sound quite different from each other. I like your song :grinning:

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That’s lovely!

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I can’t access the music

Looks like Soundcloud is offline - hope that’s temporary!

Yeah I thought as much :+1:

This is a very intriguing excercise. The patches sound amazing too.

Thanks for sharing

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An ambient piece performed in VCV Rack and mixed in Logic Pro. Inspired by @Alphagem-O’s Ambient Morph Challenge.

This falls short of the goal of the challenge - it lacks much of a “progression”, but that’s a common problem I have when composing in Rack. I’m posting anyway in hopes that it prompts others to post their (presumably more successful) patches. You can see some disabled attempts to use a gate sequencer to adjust the mix, but in the end I just imported audio tracks into Logic and mixed there.


Inspired by a recent @Omri_Cohen tutorial, but with a much quieter vibe.

A very quiet ambient piece centered on a quiet lakeside beach. The waves act as the sequencer here, triggering all notes via an envelope follower and slope detector and some Bernoulli gates. Note pitches are influenced by the wave envelope, but helped along with some Caudal randomness. Wave sample is from Kyles at Freesounds, uses a couple of FM-OPs playing “melody”, a distant delayed “bell” via Surge’s Twist VCO, and a very occasional bass drone via Squinky’s Organ Three. All with lots of Plateau based reverb - some voices with even more reverb courtesy Airwindows.