Changing the response curve for external controller

Hi, I have an external midi controller hooked up via MIDI-CC (with a range 0-127) and I want to change its response. I can multiply it by sending it through a mixer, but is there some easy way to mess around with nonlinear response curves?

Ideally there would be a way to draw a graph of the response curve I want rather than messing with equations.

maybe BZ-Mapper by Nysthi


Sounds like a job for ShapeMaster in CV trigger mode which can be a very accurate mapper.

Check out the start of this video from Jakub which covers this use:

Hi Brian!

What‘s your plan with the CVs, once they are shaped? Can you give some additional hints? In my first read of your post I thought you wanted the controller CVs to interact, do you? Or is it about the shaping of each individual signal?

If they are just sent towards CV-Ins of filter-cutoffs, for example, I‘d rather use

stoermelder‘s Midi-Cat

and conrol the knob instead of feeding the CV-Input.

You‘ll find individual shaping possibilities in the module (right-click on a mapped connection). But maybe this is not helpful, as you wanted to shape voltages.


There’s a module called Curve by Inklen that I think is perfect for that. Still under development.

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Thanks all. I was just looking for one input, one output, and a static (DC) mapping of how much amplification there is at each level of input voltage. BZ-Mapper looks perfect for this. (In case anyone didn’t realize it, “BZ” stands for “Bezier” as in bezier curves.)

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