Changing pitch on one step of the sequence


I am using Aaron Static’s modules to trigger certain chords. I would like the bass note of each chord to change the pitch on the first note of a Seq 3 sequence. I have tried to use a poly split and a µmap to take the lowest mono value to modulate the CV input on the first step of the Seq 3 sequencer. However, this is producing pitches that are far too low as the voltage is sometimes deep in the negatives. Is there another simpler way to change the first note of the sequence based on a cv input?

I have attached a screenshot for reference.

The most common solution is to put an OCT module wherever you need to adjust the pitch into a desirable octave. I usually have several per patch. Your approach is how I extract a bass note (or tonic) from a chord.

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@felix_nicholson ( sorry @k-chaffin I replied to the wrong post)

Maybe before you go to umap go through Fence, so you can restrict the range.


Yep, that works very well also. OCT is good for a quick and dirty tool while developing a sound. Fence offers more control.

Thanks, Yeager! The range of fence is +/-5. The seq 3 has a range of +/-10. Is there any way to increase the range of Fence?

You might like Muxlicer for a different 8 step sequencer. It has inputs for CV value per step, so whatever you feed that step is the new output for that step. Easy peasy.

Limiting to +/- 10V covers a range of 20 octaves! That seems rather pointless to me.

Even +/- 5V (10 octaves) seems too large. I would want anywhere from +/- 1V (2 octaves) to +/- 2V (4 octaves). I might go as high as +/- 2.5V (5 octaves).

Regardless, Fence can cover +/- 10V depending on the mode.

I recommend setting the mode to quantized (green) and turning the Range link mode off. Then you can specify the minimum and maximum pitches using standard note names like A2 to C6 (or whatever).


I’ve tried using Fence, however, I’m not having great success. Changing the lower range on Fence by one semitone results in a huge CV change on the Seq3 step. I have attached two screenshots describing the issue I’m having. The first shows Fence set at a lower limit of A7 and the second shows G#7, yet the Seq3 is changing a much greater amount than that.


Have a look at BSS from cvly. It’s a nice solution for getting a bass voice from chords. It might help you with this.


Hey! There’s a scale and offset knob on the Map Module that will help you with the range of voltage used for modulation.

However if you’re looking for a way to have the sequence first step play the exact bass note from the chord (or an octave of that) I would second what @Omri_Cohen suggested and extract that note directly.

Then insert it into the sequence by using a clocked/triggered switch (ie. VCV Library - VCV Sequential Switch 4 to 1) to let the note through on the first step and than the rest of the sequence from SEQ-3.

Hope I’m making sense. Happy patching!

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You need to set the scale to 0.5 and the offset to 50% on uMap for this to work properly :

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