Changing Keys

Still new to modular although feel some of my patches are nearing a level I can share for critique. Liking the twelve key as keyboard, lets me tinker more when I am on business travel.

Trying to build up patches with more movement in melody.

Would like to be able to change keys of the melody by using the 12 key to trigger a key change similar to what Cortni is doing here. How do I do that? I have searched modules with transpose but not seeing anything really does that.

It sounds like the key is the same, but he changes the chord… You can do a similar thing with Quantum, I think. Also maybe offset with just any quantizer. Like SEQ-OFFSET-Quantizer. So the movement is the same, the basic sequence and the relation of the notes in the key are also the same. like, say 1-7-5-3 or whatever. And it would just change this arpeggio with the offset.

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12keys+quantizer.vcv (2.3 KB) Here’s a demonstration

*with new Befaco module, haha. Sorry about that

Here! Now with the official CV Mix 12keys+quantizer.vcv (2.3 KB)


This is really easy. Connect both the output of your sequencer (after the quantizer, if you use one) and the output of TwelveKey to inputs of VCV Mix and then the output of Mix to your oscillator. That’s all.


Super simple but would have NEVER figured that out on my own, thanks!

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