Chaircrusher Music Thread 2

Starting a new thread because the old one was getting long.

Some things that used to take several modules to implement - like adding the CVs of two different sequencers - are much simpler. You get to leave out the OR gates and math modules.

The main sequencer is two JW Gridseq sequencers. the CV from each is plugged into the input of the Frozen Wasteland Probably Note Quantizer. The gate from both GridSeqs are similarly plugged into the gate inputs as needed. Adding two gate signals is the same as doing logic ‘OR’ of the two signals, so you get triggered by both sequencers.

The sample is of a choral piece by Montiverdi from I’ve hopefully mangled it enough to make sample clearance unnecessary.

I’ve started using the Frozen Wasteland QAR a lot for drums, and it’s warping my rhythmic sense. I like it when the rhythms aren’t square, and you can’t hear the bar lines. There’s a point around 3 minutes when it goes into what seems like a steady 4/4 beat, but it’s a Euclidean rhythm, so every 8 beats it skips an 8th note.

2024-05-08.vcv (45.0 KB)


How did you stutter the choir towards the end-a nice effect. A beautiful track all-round!

Nysthi Confusing Simpler

I have bernoulli gates triggering record and start. So it records the input with a random length and the playback loops.