Chain sequencers for semi-random sequences?

I have an idea for a patch, but would love some input from you geniuses about how to accomplish it.

I’d like to create an 8-step melody that stays constant for the first 6 steps (programmed sequence of notes), but then would have randomization of the last two notes (quantized within a scale), and then repeat.

What would be some good options? Chain two sequencers, one with the 6 notes, and then trigger the last 2 notes using some sort of thing like Branes or Turing Machine?

Interested in your ideas!

I’d use entropia from geodesics. I’m very tired now so it’s hard to know how much detail you need but Entropia will do it.

Maybe a single SEQ-3 would be enough, by adding randomizations on steps 7 & 8 (triggered through the individual step gate outputs)?

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With Martin Lueder’s Memory Sequencer you can re-write the values in the steps.

Following up, here is an example:

Note that Entropia’s last 2 steps are set to use the “yellow” value which is configured to send the random value fed in from Branes.


I know that in real life you can do it with 2 stages from mutable instruments , but i don’t know if the rack version of it is chainable…

This is one of those things where there are a lot of ways to do it.
Another method: Use an 8 step sequential switch and send fixed values to every step other than the last 2.

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