CF and Southpole modules: Console Patch

template-v1.vcv (48.2 KB)


For those who are interested. I had created this 10 channel EqPreFader, 2Aux(St. Reverb & St. Delay) CF/SouthPole Console. If your system can handle it, I will uploading the template. See Attached images.

Just drop it in your documents folder as a replacement for the original. Your modules goes in to the Eq 1st. All of the sends follow the CF Sub modules left to right. CF Stereo Modules direct outs goes to the First top CF Sub for reverb and the First Sub for the delay. Any confusion, please advise.

Just gotta love the modular mixer from cf. :star_struck:
Did you try using 4 columns/lanes per stereo channel (using 4 columns/lanes)? Too tall/too much vertical scrolling?

Sorry, I have a. 5k monitor. I was trying to fit too much information in one area. I I have other concepts on the way.