Catronomix' Rack Creations

I’ll follow the good habit of keeping things in 1 thread so here goes nothing :slight_smile:

exploring linear feedback shift registers (the things with the yellow leds top-right).

Something between Frenchcore and Trance I guess :slight_smile:

Live composition using a midi keyboard.

(My computer couldn’t handle running the patch and recording video at the same time so it’s just a screenshot.)


Oh my ! It’s truly amazing :smile: i never thought it was possible to make something like this Live in vcv :open_mouth:

Btw even as a french person i have never heard of Frenchcore, but if it’s like what you did, i guess i like it haha :wink:

me like !

A similar setup than the last one. 4/4 addict ^^;

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Another psychedelic minimal setup, I had this idea with clocked random gate routing.