Catronomix' Rack Creations

I’ll follow the good habit of keeping things in 1 thread so here goes nothing :slight_smile:

exploring linear feedback shift registers (the things with the yellow leds top-right).

Something between Frenchcore and Trance I guess :slight_smile:

Live composition using a midi keyboard.

(My computer couldn’t handle running the patch and recording video at the same time so it’s just a screenshot.)


Oh my ! It’s truly amazing :smile: i never thought it was possible to make something like this Live in vcv :open_mouth:

Btw even as a french person i have never heard of Frenchcore, but if it’s like what you did, i guess i like it haha :wink:

me like !

A similar setup than the last one. 4/4 addict ^^;


Another psychedelic minimal setup, I had this idea with clocked random gate routing.

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Well that escalated quickly but that’s okay.


Somehow I managed to keep the tempo slow on this one :smiley:


very nice :+1:

how did you produce the video?

The rainbow visuals are generated with Touchdesigner, and the output of that composited with vcv rack and my webcam (which seems to freeze every now and then) in OBS studio.


Midi-controlled patch in Rack controlling live visuals in Touchdesigner.

Thread just made me realize that bitStep is super elegant for building a Lorre-Mill double knot style sequencer! Niiice!

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A few new additions that have piled up lately:

Alien bleeps: Hora Vector Synth controlled by randomized PreSetSeq
Pad melody: Tiny Tricks Simplex osc, also random presetseq, into Plateau
Bassline: Bogaudio VCO trough Vult Slap and Freak
Crashes: Squinky labs Colors > Delay > Slap > Resonator > Plateau
And the kick is the good old Trummor 2 :slight_smile:

Shadow Wobble: experimenting with random Trummor2 sounds

De Nada: just trying to create happiness :smiley:


2 more additions to the collection

Pre Mortem:

Wednesday morning’s afternoon jam:

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