Catro/Modulo > 1.0.2

Hi all,

I’m very happy to announce that my first modules for Rack have been completed and are ready to be released. :smile:

Because I’m lazy I’ll just copy pasta from the :shushing_face:

CM-1: 8xlfo
8 LFOs that blend between sine, square, saw and triangle waves Rate is from very slow to audio rate Mix output is the average of all LFOs

CM-2: 8xatn
8 attenuverters with offset Mix output is the average of all outputs that have an input connected

CM-3: PreSetSeq
Preset sequencer and morpher 8 ‘Eyes’ that set their value when no input connected, or scale the input when connected. 8 triggerable record buttons that save the resulting eye-values Scan/select dial to choose which saved recording to select for output Morph slider fades between recording output, direct eye output and recordingXdirect output Sequencer with some built-in patterns and basic controls Don’t press the “Try me”-button!

CM-4: vcClk
Voltage controlled bpm clock The gold-plated in and outputs are for the bpm sync signal, for which standards are shared between all the other modules to enable synced bpm changes. Simply chain the bpm cv between the modules, and connect all reset inputs to the vcClk reset output

CM-5: vcClk++
Expansion for vcClk, it outputs 7 clock pulses that are synced with the input

CM-6: 1hp blank
It is a blank panel and it is 1hp wide

Can someone build for mac and linux please? I only have Windows here. Then I can submit it to the plugin library :slight_smile:


The build works on Mac :slight_smile:

And on Linux also (Ubuntu)

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I’ve placed a Linux build at if you need it.


Have you placed it somewhere also? :slight_smile:

Modules look really great. Builded it for Mac and it works. Thank you!

Link for Mac build?Please!

Hey in case you are interested, I used azure pipelines from github to do free builds mac linux and windows of my code automatically when I do commits.

Means you can develop on one platform and the magic elves check it for you.

(Note it doesn’t work with 1.0 yet just 0.6.2 where there is a roach SDK)

I dont get it… that link is a whole book on this pipelines thing, but it still doesnt tell me how to invite something in a github repo (I am also unsure of what that means).

you make it sound very simple but the MS documentation makes it look very complex. And don’t I have to get an Azure account for this? I cancelled it when it ran out of free trial budget some years ago.

updated to 0.6.5, if anyone wants to compile please? Couldnt figure out this Surge :confused:

like a lot of people I’m really curious about your sequencer but I’m not sure what it does? Like, how do you set each setting in the sequence and where does it come out? It appears that there are 8 separate sequencers, can you explain whats happening as though there is only one?

Mac build successful
And Linux too (Ubuntu)

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Absolutely loving the LFO module, thanks for making them!

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Thanks Marc! Can you upload them somewhere please?

No problem, but it will have to be in about 12 hours, as I just started work and I don’t have access to my home computers :frowning:

C/M has been updated to 1.0.2 with some small changes to a few modules (no major functionality changes and patches made with an older version should still provide the same results), removed the 6-legged creatures as well as deprecated code.

This time I’m not gonna beg for builders because I found out it’s not necessary as the library team will take care of that :smile_cat:

If any bugs are found please report them on github and I’ll fix it asap.


May I suggest an extra random mode for the 1-8-1 Router module?

A CV input to trigger the random function, that switches the 8 inputs to the 8 outputs by random like

1 - 1
2 - 4
3 - 8
4 - 5
5 - 2
6 - 6
7 - 3
8 - 7

a new trigger results in like
1 - 8
2 - 6
3 - 7
4 - 3
5 - 1
6 - 5
7 - 4
8 - 2
and so on

This would make it too cramped and confusing I think…
There would need to be a control to turn off the randomization, and to switch the right lane between solo outputs and 8-to-8 matrix mixing, along with visual feedback on the active routing. Then there’s the selector which also sets the amount of steps for the sequencer function, so there’s a choice to include all the inputs in the randomization or only the selected amount (from 1-1 to 8-8)
It’s gonna make it way to complex.

I’ve been searching the library, can’t seem to find any module doing this in v1. Father&Son could do this, don’t know if that will be ported (check ). In any case it fit’s better with a matrix mixer.

@catronomix Any hope of polyphony support in 1-8-1? I like to set it up as an oscillator bank, routing a few different outputs of oscillators and using 1-8-1 to switch between oscs/waveforms, but it doesn’t play well with polyphonic signals yet. Ideally, each input should sum polyphonic signals and send them along to the next module.

Polyphony is next on the roadmap for all modules (where it makes sense)
For 1-8-1, the analogy of taking 8 mono signals and selecting 1 to output, would be for polyphonic signals to also output the selected polyphonic input. But I could add a toggle or menu option to enable summing.

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