Caterina Barbieri & Chronoblob2

Testing out Alright Devices’ Chronoblob2 delay module for VCV Rack. This is a cover of the first few minutes of Caterina Barbieri’s performance at Loop 2017. Also featuring the Chebyshev harmonic oscillator by SquinkyLabs, Plateau reverb by Valley and the Foundry sequencer by Impromptu Modular.


the track is called - This Causes Consciousness to Fracture
nice cover!

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You make me want to go back to my Fracture-inspired track from last year and retrofit Chronoblob and Foundry :wink:

Caterina Barbieri has some great music.


Very nice! I love Caterina Barbieri’s music, and this is a nice cover.

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Always loved this track :slight_smile:

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For all fans, she played live few weeks ago new tracks for her forthcoming album :


Wow, great sequencing Marc! This is such an iconic piece to me already and you recreated it really well.

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Fabulous Marc, and really shows what foundry can do. Thank you for such great modules


Thanks for sharing that video Clement! Here’s the patch, have fun!
FOUNDRY TCCTF Loop performance Chronoblob.vcv (66.8 KB)

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That performance was, wow, so incredible! Amazing arpeggios as usual, and these pads, choirs, and the granular stuff(sounds like Grain Delay from ableton but I’m not sure) holy cow, can’t wait for the official album…

thanks for the patch :slight_smile:

yes , me too ! i hope seeing her in live one day …