Category request: Synthesis Technique

Hey all - wondering if it would be helpful to have a category for discussing synthesis technique (so, not like “here’s my generative patch”, but, here’s a thread on resetting clocks, one of modulating modulators, another on combining multiple CV sources, FM synthesis sound design, or the 15 vs. 16 step sequencer trip from Silver Apples of the Moon, etc.

This could also be a resource for sharing things like examples from the classic Allen Strange synth book, etc.
Also could be be a venue for sharing patch files, so that we can start to build up a repository/library of working examples, rather than being mixed in with the ‘music’ or ‘VCV rack’ categories.

I think one of the things that’s super exciting about this forum/VCV rack in general is that it can really be about sharing + exploring ideas related to modular synthesis, rather than just the typical hardware ‘oh well buy both’ gear lust!




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Hmm, in lieu of a separate category, I wonder if this type of discussion should take place in ‘Music’ (re: patch files) or ‘VCV Rack’ (re: patching)?

There are some really amazing videos on synthesis available via youtube. Check out the New York School of Synthesis… His vids really helped my understanding…Not only does Dean explain the whole east coast / west coat synth approaches, he gives a really good analysis of what happens to sound… and what is sound.It doesn’t hurt that his videos were made back in the '80’s… and reference a lot of cool “old school” digital stuff. Also, go to the internet archive. In addition to having almost EVERY synth manual ever written, they also have pages of “how to” and “understanding synthesis in electronic music” references.


Well said + true all above! is such a great resource

I was super lucky coming up to have some great teachers/experiences that really shaped my understanding of things (I worked as a studio assistant to Subtonick for 3 yrs, went to IRCAM, etc), often times who steered me towards a lot of the primary sources up on Archive.

I was thinking it would be cool to have a section of the forum for us to trade ideas/knowledge we already have like a think tank, and pay it forwards with resources like the above for folks that are starting out.

I suppose we have the VCV rack and Music subsections already, but I wonder if having a ‘technique’ subsection could help to focus discussion there, and de-clutter the other sections?

Oops: edit/aside! I just noticed that the ‘plugins’ tab is not ‘patches and plugins’ – v cool.

as an aside, omg i love the intro theme for these New York School of Synth videos! it’s like, more Oneohtrix Point Never-esque than 0pN itself! < 3

I would definitely be interested in this type of material along with some stuff about approaches to composition. The various structural conceits of electronic music (and music in general, if I’m honest) is a big blind spot for me.

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totally! I just started a generative techniques thread in the ‘patches and plug-ins’ category to jump start some technique/composition talk

I think this makes sense in #plugins. What you’re describing is so close to a “synthesis technique with VCV modules” thread, that it would be on-topic there, since VCV patches used as examples would appear frequently.

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Good call - seems like the ‘plug-ins’ -> ‘patches & plugins’ name change helps frame it that way too - thanks!