Casting/Streaming setups

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #1

I figure this would be a relevant topic to bring up in here - Meatspace gear aside (computer/camera/etc), how do y’all go about your screencaptures, video processing, and all that for your YouTube videos, Twitch streams, etc? What does your workflow look like?

(SG Mikaelsson) #2

OBSS is my usual screencap goto. Also directly works streaming to Twitch. I don’t use it often enough to have developed a workflow, mind.

(Latif) #3

OBS + OBS asio plugin —> DaVinci Resolve. Gimp for any image editing.


when i’m streaming i have:
+/or videogames

with OBS i have the rate set to 3500 and fps set to 30 (to help mobile viewers). Some people have a problem using window capture with VCVRack (and certain games) so, being on eof those people, i use “game capture”.
Firefox is for chat and monitoring the stream. I occasionally use a game as a fore or background.
If you need more details (for instance how i made it snow x’s over christmas) don’t hesitate to ask.